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Volunteers are an important part of our services. We welcome adults of all ages and backgrounds for a variety of roles throughout BDP, including front-line project volunteers, administrative positions and roles within our youth services. Experience or up-to-date knowledge of drug or alcohol services is not essential as training will be given.

You can find more information on positions available below.


Over 20 Years of Volunteering

In 2013 we celebrated 20 years of hard work and support from almost 1000 volunteers. Our volunteers were awarded certificates by the Mayor of Bristol and Avon & Somerset’s Police & Crime Commissioner.

We believe in providing quality training and support for all our volunteers and have been awarded the Investing in Volunteers standard for both 2009-2012 and 2012-2015.


Have you had a problem with drugs and alcohol in the past?

If you have a history of drug and alcohol dependency, we welcome you to volunteer with us providing that you have had a significant period of stability.

As being exposed to actively ‘using or drinking’ service users can be uncomfortable or a potential relapse trigger, we ask for:

  • A period of 6 months without using our services prior to applying.
  • A period of 1 year off of any substitute prescribing script.
  • That you’re not living in dry houses or hostels.
  • If you have been in treatment, prison or on probation during the previous 6 months we would need to explore this.
  • If someone close to you is experiencing problematic drug or alcohol use this could create a conflict in volunteering at the project.

We are happy to discuss any of these areas with you if you are unsure whether volunteering is right for you at this time.