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Training Education Volunteering Employment - TEVE

TEVE is a service for anyone accessing ROADS who wants to explore opportunities within Training, Education, Volunteering or Employment. Advice and guidance for those looking to widen their horizons.

TEVE includes a variety of partnerships with Demand Energy Equality, Volunteer Bristol/Voscur, Windmill Hill City Farm, Business in the Community and The Community Farm in Chew Magna.

TEVE - lite

TEVE - lite: up to three sessions with a worker to refer or signpost to TEVE opportunities and other meaningful occupation throughout the city. Includes one to one support at Bdp or a location more convenient to you, plus option to attend TEVE advice session with guest speakers and access to a computer.

TEVE – contingency management (CM):

TEVE – contingency management (CM): ‘Contingency Management’ is an approach much-used in the USA, which adds extra incentives to positive behaviour and achievements. Within our service this means that by accomplishing set goals, service users can earn funding for a college course they choose. A ground-breaking project, helping people achieve goals that they would never have thought possible.


Our community partners:

Demand Energy Equality – “We are a group working for and towards systemic change in the way energy is produced, distributed, controlled, delivered and used”.

Running monthly workshops for service users, making solar panels for a 4.5 metre high solar energy tree. The tree will be installed in a prominent public space in 2015, as part of Bristol being Europe’s Green Capital.


Volunteer Bristol/Voscur – “Volunteering is about giving your time to a good cause. You don't get paid, but you do get the chance to use your talents, develop new skills, and experience the pleasure that comes from making a real difference to other people's lives, as well as your own.”

Providing fortnightly drop-ins, workshops, and outreach sessions to ROADS service users and services.


Windmill Hill City Farm – “Windmill Hill City Farm is a charity that provides recreation, education and therapy using food, farming and the environment as a theme”

TEVE is able to refer 30 clients a  year, for a mixture of supported volunteering placements at the farm. Plus opportunities to do courses including a NVQ in animal handling.


Business in the Community – “Through Ready for Work, businesses support disadvantaged groups to gain and sustain employment, making a long-term difference to many people's lives”

Ready to Work is a two week work placement at various large local and national companies in Bristol, including Royal Mail, Bristol Zoo, Carillion and KPMG. Includes training beforehand, and mentoring afterwards. Boasts great results at helping people gain employment.


The Community Farm, Chew Magna – “We’re working to transform farming, growing organically on a farm owned by its members and providing healthy food direct to your door.”

In conjunction with The Soil Association, The Community Farm are training 5 service users to be certified organic farmers. A paid opportunity, 4 days a week over 8 months.


Other projects include our own allotment, a coppicing course at Westonbert Arboretum, and a 6 week cookery course at Hamilton House.