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Substitue Prescribing


Bdp's Shared Care team work in local communities within 50 GP surgeries and health centres to support GPs and their patients who present asking for help with an opioid dependency e.g. heroin, codeine or over-the-counter opiate painkillers, etc. Shared Care workers work with both GPs and patients to address a patient's dependency through pharmacological and therapeutic interventions. Bdp's aim is to help people move through and out of treatment and to support them in their recovery. 

Regular one-to-one sessions are available at participating health centres for people who are opiate dependant and wish to receive a substitute medication. A Shared Care worker can help a patient to:

  • stabilise his/her drug use
  • reduce the harm from street drugs and using alcohol problematically
  • use prescription medication safely and effectively
  • make positive changes
  • become drug free


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