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Recovery Sustainment


Relapse Prevention

The relapse prevention service is for people who are free from problematic alcohol and drug use and not on any substitute prescribed mediation.  The programme offers the core relapse prevention skills to help support individuals to sustain their recovery through one to one and group work sessions. We offer 4 individual key work sessions as well as 4 optional groups located at various sites across Bristol.


The community reinforcement approach is an 8 week programme that consists of 8 one to one sessions and 8 optional groups for individuals who have stopped using substitute medications and are completely abstinent from both alcohol and drug or who want to experience abstinence whilst on the programme. This programme is to support individuals to make changes to their environment which will reinforce positive changes to their alcohol and drug use behaviours. CRA is about making a drink and drug-free life more rewarding than one with drink and drugs in it. 

Recovery check in

The Recovery check in service is for individuals who have completed treatment for their alcohol and drug problems who feel they would benefit from telephone support to help maintain their recovery and associated goals. Referrals back into ROADS can be made where needed through this service.