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Other Drugs

Brief Interventions

Brief Interventions is a service for anyone experiencing problematic use with substances other than alcohol, crack-cocaine and heroin. Substance use we can explore with you can include illicit and legal drugs as well as pharmaceutical medication.

POD Sessions

POD Sessions provide a friendly, informal and confidential setting and welcome newcomers to drug services. Sessions are aimed at people using Problematic ‘Other’ Drugs, including cannabis, ketamine and cocaine.

Sessions are held at Bdp and run every Monday evening 6:00pm - 7:30pm.
Anyone can attend whenever they require support, no appointment or referral needed.

Our sessions are for people stuck in two minds about their drug use and those ready to cut back or quit. We can help you to develop practical coping strategies to manage triggers and tackle cravings, as well as dealing with wider issues including:

  • Life style balance

  • Managing stress and anxiety

  • Developing motivation for change

  • Saying no to others

  • Problem solving

  • Regulating sleep

Our workshop style groups assist people to move forward in their recovery and are a gateway into other services.