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Recovery Groupwork


The Group Work Programme offers a range of services that support individuals in thinking about changing their alcohol and drug use through various stages to the point where they can sustain a alcohol and drug-free lifestyle.


Information Session

This session runs every Wednesday at 3.30pm for half an hour. It involves giving clients information about the group work programmes on offer within ROADS and asking people about their motivation to change.  This session is open access so anyone interested in group work can turn up without being referred or making an appointment. Clients will leave this session with an appointment for a one to one assessment. 

Preparation for Recovery

The aim of Preparation for Recovery is to introduce people to the idea of being in a group and getting the most out of therapeutic group work. Through holding clients in a safe and supportive environment people begin to develop group work skills and self awareness, exploring a range of topics relevant to their personal situation. The evidence base that underpins the work in the Preparation for Recovery stage is Motivational Interviewing, aiming to improve a person‘s belief in their ability to sustain positive change.

Recovery Day Programme

The central focus of RDP are the core groups in which clients concentrate on specific recovery-based topics and explore behaviours, thinking patterns and ways of relating that may hinder their path into recovery. Afternoon workshops address the holistic needs of the client, offering clients the opportunity to explore a range of topics, from life skills such as budgeting and nutrition, to cultivating mindfulness and using relaxation techniques. Recovery Day Programme is underpinned by a range of evidence based interventions, with an emphasis on Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioural approaches. 

Controlled Drinking Groups

There are weekly controlled drinking groups that run city-wide across Bristol using evidence-based interventions to raise awareness around alcohol misuse and explore areas of change towards controlling drinking. Clients are offered a series of four weekly workshops.

Alcohol Detox Support Groups

This is a support group for clients who are preparing for an alcohol detox or who are currently doing their alcohol detox within the community. It is a space for people to share experiences and identify with one another. Like the controlled drinking group these groups run city wide and are offered in a block of four weekly sessions.