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TB Screening Success

on February 27, 2017

216 people supported in pop-up TB screening service


Last week in Bristol, BDP’s Engagement team joined the NHS Find & Treatment service to provide a two-day mobile tuberculosis screening service in Bristol.

Supported by Public Health England, this collaborative project saw the teams screening 216 at-risk people across Bristol in two days. TB is a bacterial infection which is curable in virtually all cases and can be effectively controlled provided cases are found early and patients can complete treatment.

“We were extremely pleased to welcome the TB Find and Treat Team to Bristol last week," says BDP Engagement Manager . "We worked closely with them to ensure that as many service users as possible benefited from the health intervention being offered including TB screening, Hep C testing and advice, Fibroscans, HIV testing and Hep B vaccinations.”

Find & Treat are a specialist outreach team that work across the country with services like BDP to tackle TB among groups of people at higher risk of infection.

“TB is a disease of poverty and inequality and (groups including drug and alcohol users) have the highest rates of TB rates and greatest risk of onward transmission. Their lifestyle can often mask the symptoms of TB and they have problems accessing hospital based diagnostic services… Our job is to take TB control into the community, find cases of active TB early and support patients to take a full course of treatment and get cured.”

– Find & Treatment

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