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Recovery Choir on the BBC

on December 23, 2016

Rising Voices sing on BBC Points West News



As part of the week's run-up to Christmas, BBC Points West featured our very own Recovery Choir as one of their five Most Inspiring Choirs.

They were handpicked along with four other inspiring choirs across the South West to perform a Christmas carol as the final segment of an episode of BBC Point West. Launched two years ago, Rising Voices are a free weekly singing group for anyone who has been affected by problematic drug or alcohol use. They also made headlines in the BBC back in 2015 when they appeared in the Recovery Festival.

If you missed them, catch up with a clip below:

You can catch Rising Voices performing publicly in their FREE New Year Concert on Monday 16th January, 1:10pm - 1:55pm at St Stephen's Church, 21 St Stephen's Avenue, BS1 1EQ (just off Corn Street). Download the poster below for more information!

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