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Alcohol Awareness Week

on November 17, 2016

What do our Controlled Drinking Workshops offer?


Alcohol Concern

As part of Alcohol Concern's Alcohol Awareness Week, we caught up with BDP staff that run our Controlled Drinking Workshops to find out about the service they offer, and we hear directly from people using the service to find out how it’s helping them make the changes they want.

(Name of service users have been changed to maintain confidentiality)

 “It’s all about what you would like to change personally about your drinking pattern,” says Nell, a BDP worker who co-runs the Controlled Drinking Workshops; a weekly informal group for people looking to address their relationship with alcohol. Held in central Bristol in the early evenings, these workshops also allow for accessibility for people who work or with childcare commitments.

“Everyone who attends the workshops will be drinking at different levels and everyone will have different goals, whether that’s reducing the amount you drink, controlling how and when you drink, or looking to stop drinking altogether.”

Clients are invited to attend four different workshops over the period of a month, with each workshop offering a different insight into their relationship with alcohol. “We run workshops exploring alcohol’s effects on your body,” explains Nell, “As well as looking at approaches such as the ‘Cycle of Change’ and ‘SMART Goals’ which allow people to plan how they’re going to make changes to their drinking.”

“I enjoy coming to Controlled Drinking because it give me an insight into my problems with alcohol. I’m now able to identify triggers around my drinking”, says Mark who has been attending for the past few weeks.

“As a worker leading these workshops, it’s really rewarding seeing people make the changes they want, especially when service users are able to offer support to each other and share practical ideas about what is working for them”, says BDP worker Hannah.

“It helps listening to other people’s views”, agrees Paul. “Coming to these workshops has helped me overcome my anxiety about speaking in groups. I’d recommend people come here as it’s really good for your confidence.”

Controlled Drinking Workshops are one of several support options available at BDP to help you address your alcohol use. To find out what we can offer you please speak to your Bristol GP about being referred into our services, or pop in to our Advice and Information Centre and ask to speak to someone in confidence about accessing our services.

BDP, 11 Brunswick Square, BS2 8PE. Monday – Friday: 9am – 8pm. Saturday: 10am – 5pm. Call: 0117 987 6000.

To help track your alcohol use and set goals to help you moderate your drinking, you can download the free Drinkaware App. For more information and tools about your alcohol use, visit Rethinking Drinking.

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