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Hepatitis C virus care

on November 08, 2016

BDP praised as an example of good practice in HCV care.


HCV ActionBDP have been featured as a good practice case study by HCV Action, following a 95% success rate in hepatitis C testing.

The HCV Action network brings together health professionals across the UK to improve the quality of care for HCV through increased prevention, diagnosis and testing. In early November, HCV Action released a case study featuring BDP, as an example of improving access to testing.

The case study explores how, since the launch of ROADS in November 2013, the number of people in Bristol deemed eligible for hepatitis C tests, rose from under 12% to 95%.

Over the past three years, Bristol ROADS @ BDP have increased the number of people receiving tests by better coordinating services and finding ways to resolve complications that have previously prevented people who agreed to be tested from actually receiving their test.

“Obviously it was a bit of a shock, but because I had been suffering, it was also a bit of a relief – in the sense that I knew what it was... Kat (the BBV Nurse) was at the end of a phone if I needed to talk to anybody and within, I think it must have been a week or ten days, I was at the hospital actually seeing Dr Gordon, the Consultant at the BRI. So it all seemed to follow on quite nicely."

- Joe, a service user

Click here to read HCV Action's full case study on BDP.

Hepatitis C testing remains a priority for everyone within Bristol's treatment system, from commissioners through to the hands-on staff and volunteers and BDP.

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