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Gamma Butyro-Lactone (GBL), Gamma Hydoxy Butrate (GHB)
Often called ‘G’



GBL is a clear liquid whose intended use is as an industrial solvent for cleaning.

GBL is converted to GHB quickly upon entering the body.


method of use


Usually dispensed from a teat pipette as such small amounts are required.

Measuring an accurate dose is vital to prevent possibly fatal overdose.

A typical dose is around 1ml.

To reduce the chance of taking more than intended a user should take the drug in increments of no more than 0.5ml, with enough time in between to feel the full effects.



Users are likely to feel euphoric and disinhibited and may initially become very chatty. Higher doses will result in slurred speech, a loss of coordination and hallucinations.

Effects should start within 10 minutes and peak within an hour, depending on how concentrated it is and when you last ate.


health risks

Prolonged use increases tolerance and dependency can develop.

Withdrawal can be difficult and dangerous and should be medically assisted if possible.

Detox plans are likely to be similar to those for a benzo dependency.

There is a particularly high chance of accidental overdose with these drugs as an extra millilitre of GBL on top of a moderate dose can make you fall unconscious.


harm reduction

Because such small doses are used and the liquid looks like water it is possible to accidentally consume several times the intended dose. This can rapidly result in coma and death by respiratory depression without swift medical attention.

Combining drugs almost always adds risks, but combining GBL / GHB with alcohol makes overdoses much more likely as they both inhibit breathing.


the law

GBL and GHB are both Class C drugs so they are illegal to possess or supply.

If you put GBL in someone’s drink intending to take advantage of them sexually, you are committing a very serious offence.

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