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Safer Clubbing

Safer Clubbing Advice

Drugs act in in different ways depending on the type of substance, where you are and how you are feeling. There are lots of new drugs about so it’s important to be cautious. If you know you are about to take a new drug, do some research.

If it is your first time with an unknown drug you don’t know how long it takes to come up, peak and start coming down. You also don’t know what the effects are or how much it will take to work. So start low and slow. The only ‘safe’ dose is none at all.

The pill or powder may not actually be what you think it is – or what someone else has told you it is and you can never be sure of the strength, purity or content of any illegal drug or legal high.

Give it time to work - taking more could lead to overdose.

Mixing alcohol with drugs and drugs with other drugs increases the risk.

Try not to buy drugs in a club. You can’t be sure what you are buying if it’s dark and you are already off your face.

Some club drugs can raise body temperature. Signs of heatstroke are headaches, dizziness, hot dry skin, nausea.

If you start to feel ill take some time out. Try and find a ‘chill out’ type area and some fresh air. Take some fluids, sip about 1 pint/hour (water, fruit juices or isotonic drinks NOT alcohol).

Too much fluid can lead to its own problems so take it slowly.

If you or a friend are having a “bad trip”, take them somewhere quiet and reassure them that it is the effects of the drugs and that the feelings should subside overtime.

Don’t let a friend go off with strangers. Try and find out who they are and where they are going.

Look after each other. Know what your mates have taken.

If one of your mates gets ill, don’t delay getting medical help. Never worry about calling an ambulance. Tell them what your friend has taken - that’s what saves lives!

Do not drive after taking any drugs or alcohol. Pre book a taxi (save enough cash to pay for it) or arrange to be picked up after the event.

Some drugs can increase sexual desire, take some condoms and use them.

After the club you get the comedown. Try not to take any more substances – you probably won’t get any higher but will almost certainly regret it later. Try to relax – a nice cuppa with some low lights and chilled tunes should do the trick.

Take it steady through the week, eat healthy, exercise, sleep and rest lots.

Keep clubbing as a special occasion and don’t overdo it.